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Professional Real Estate Management Services

We Specialize in Investment Properties & Community Associations.

We are Certified Community Association Specialist!

Association Managers You Can Trust


We have more than 25 years of experience in many facets of the real estate industry including 12 years as community association managers, and 8 years as a Court Appointed Receiver for a condo association.


The words “specialist” and “expert” are overused in the real estate industry, however when it comes to us, we have the credentials to prove it.

Skills & Knowledge

Our team of specialists has the skills, training, and knowledge to help our Board of Directors make the best decision to improve the financial well being and the quality of life of their community. 

Rest Assured, Your Association is Well Managed By IKBEN'S .

Management goes beyond simply doing what you are told; at times, management requires the ability to independently identify risks, resolve problems, and prevent today’s small issues from becoming tomorrow’s big problems.  The IKBEN’S Property Management philosophy is simple; we strive to surpass expectations and perform our duties “heartily” each and every day.

From our fully bilingual staff to our dedication to using the latest technology and software solutions to save time and money, at IKBEN’S we recognize we must go above and beyond our client’s expectations to succeed in the property management industry.

"the best things in life are free"

That's also true of our proposals.

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