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“We manage your community with focus and passion.”

We are Certified Community Association Specialist!

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Minerva Strum

Minerva Strum

Broker | Team Member

We can help you achieve your community's goals!

Work with a team that will provide a sense of assurance, safety, and security for those who are Board of Directors in condominium and homeowners’ association communities.

Credentials and Specialties

If you’re looking for a professional, competent, trustworthy CAM, give us a call. We will make your job as a Board Member a less stressful, more favorable experience.

Over 12 years of community management experience and over 25 years of real estate know-how. 

Collection and Rules and Regulations Enforcement niche. 

Few managers have the knowledge and experience of turning around community associations than we do regarding a community’s financial and quality of life issues.

We are the seasoned community association management professionals you need to manage your community. 

Octavio the Condo Consultant

Octavio is a true condo specialist with over 25 years of real estate brokerage, management, and investment experience combined with a solid education, training, and specialization in condominiums and investment properties, which he leverages to earn the trust and confidence of his friends, clients, and customers he serves.  Throughout his year 12 years of experience as a licensed Community  Association Manager,  Octavio gain invaluable insight into condo associations’ inner workings and develop creative problem-solving skills, which give credence to his Condo Consultant title and specialty.

Give him a call today at (305)814-9980.

For more information about Octavio’s qualifications and experience, click here to see Octavio’s Linked-in profile.

Octavio M. Rueda

Octavio M. Rueda

Principal| CAM | Team Member


Main: (305) 814-9980


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Main: (305) 814-9980

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