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High-End, Full Service Management

“We manage your property as if it were our own home or investment.

We are Certified Community Association Specialist!

At IKBEN’S we manage more than property - we manage the knowledge, information, and relationships that affect your home and investment.

Minverva Strum


Whether you are a real estate investor or a Board of Director of a community association, managing can be a complex, time-consuming, and frustrating task; IKBEN’S Management Team understands and is here to help.  With unsurpassed customer service, our professional and friendly staff makes it easy to obtain the support you need.  But the service doesn’t stop there!  At IKBEN’S Property Management, we are more than just another friendly service provider.  We harness the latest technology, staffing solutions, experience, and relationships to create the full support and knowledge required to manage one unit or operate a condo or homeowners’ community in today’s challenging environment.

Who We Serve

With our level of experience and expertise we are capable of providing a complete suite of services for investors of all sizes; from large-scale community and development (900+ units) to 10 unit condominiums. At IKBEN’S we treat every client like a VIP.


  • Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Bylaws, Rules & Regulation Enforcement
  • Maintenance, Repairs, & Landscaping Supervision
  • Collections and Eviction Management
  • Building Permitting and Compliance
  • Contract/Insurance Review and Management
  • Third-Party Vendor Oversite
  • Application Screening and Processing
  • Risk Analysis, Forecasting, and Advisory Services
  • Capital Improvement Project Negotiation & Oversight


  • Extended-hours multi-lingual customer service
  • Website Portal that provides 24×7 self-serve reports with full, up-to-date access to all key community information and to notify maintenance staff of issues
  • Online payments, maintenance request and reports, balances, and document images
  • Online immediate, electronic access to all relevant information
  • Rent Collection Lockbox operations for accounting transparency
  • Extensive web-based knowledge management system
  • Integrated resident communications with pre- and post-move welcome programs, newsletters, websites, and community events management
  • Simplified reimbursement fee reporting and no hidden cost
  • Online immediate, electronic access to all relevant information
  • Rent Collection Lockbox operations for accounting transparency
  • Collections management process that lowers delinquency rates
  • Hosted software system with high security, full redundancy and automated back-up and protection of all the property and resident information.
  • Electronic document archive of all correspondence and documents.


In addition to improving the quality of life for the residents of your community, our comprehensive services are designed to improve your community’s operating efficiency- and thereby saving time, money, and cost associated with managing the community and association.  

Administration, Operation & Leasing

Whether your community is a 10 unit condominium, 400 luxury highrise, or a 1000-unit homeowners association, you can expect the same attention to detail, knowledgeable staff, and expert oversight from IKBEN’S Property Management Team.  We’ll take care of the daily administrative affairs and operation oversite and leasing activities to help the Board of Directors maximize the budget by providing the service and attention to detail that will meet the expectations of the unit owners, and provide the Board of Directors with a sense of control over the community’s affairs.  Towards this end we offer the following services:

  • Application Screening (Full vetting and selection of prospective owners/residents)
  • Building Permitting and Compliance,
  • Contract/Insurance Review and Management
  • Negotiations and Project Oversight**
  • Perform Regular Inspections of the Property
  • Handling Reports of Violations of the Covenants, Rules, and Regulations from the Associations
  • Ensuring that the property is kept in compliance with the Association and working with the Association to resolve any issues
  • Assistance in the selection of professional and trade services including contractors, insurance, legal, tax, and other advisors.



Property Maintenance Services

“We know that a well-maintained property produces the highest returns for owners – because it has everything to do with the enjoyment and quality of life of the residents.  Our Property Maintenance Services focus on two key factors, quick response and fixing the problem correctly the first time.  We take pride in maintaining our properties at their optimum maintenance level.

  • Call management and 24/7 Emergency Response
  • Full cloud-based/online tracking and reporting of work orders and repairs
  • Inhouse maintenance personnel
  • Contractor selection assistance and management of estimates, bids, and contracts.
  • Periodic Inspection and ongoing preventative maintenance.
  • On-site property safety inspections.

Accounting and Financial Reporting

Maintaining complete, accurate, and timely association financials is essential to the effective operation of a community.  Our Accounting and Financial Reporting Services are designed to ensure the long-term financial health and stability of your community and against loss of valuable resources and services while saving time and money.

The IKBEN’S Team is dedicated to minimizing or eliminating the exposure of your community and resources to loss of income by providing the following services:

  • Collection and monitoring of monthly maintenance/assessment payments
  • Full Bookkeeping and preparation of monthly financial statements and reports, including:
  • Preparation of annual budgets and reserves
  • Collection of delinquent maintenance and assessments, if any
  • Income and Expense Forecasting
  • Assistance with obtaining Conventional and Non-Conventional Financing

Online/Cloud Based Support

Our cloud-based support service provides convenience, savings, accessibility to information, and management efficiency to the properties we manage and their residents. We provide unit owners with online access on a 24/7 basis to our emergency phone line and do everything from paying their maintenance, placing work orders to read the property’s insurance policy or the Association’s Rules and Regulations.

We use our online services also to enhance owner reporting and transparency.  We provide unit owners and Board Members with online access to property information, financial statements, key documents – all on a 24/7 basis. We also conduct owner meetings via web-based technologies (such as Zoom) and improve responsiveness to tenants and residents by using the technology to conduct building inspections, communicate with maintenance staff, and track work order status.

To help comply with the Condo Statute, we host a community website that allows residents to do everything described above.

Risk Management

Through it all, what stands out as critically important for the community associations is having a risk management program that identifies and evaluates potential risks and, once identified, determines how to mitigate exposure to and manage those risks in the most efficient and effective way possible. And that is the focus of our Risk Management Services.  We read insurance policies carefully, even in the small print so that we know what’s covered and what isn’t – before it’s too late.  We implement risk management inspections and survey your property for potential problems, particularly opportunities for “trip and falls.”  We conduct a risk assessment that examines threats, vulnerabilities, consequences, and countermeasures.

Furthermore, we treat insurance costs as a controllable expense.  We pursue discounts on insurance whenever possible; for example, for having an emergency preparedness plan.  We shop the property & liability insurance market annually and when possible, we combine with other groups to achieve lower costs by spreading the risk.  We are mindful of when insurance renewals come due so that we secure competitive insurance bids months in advance of a property’s insurance expiration and renewal. We revisit deductibles regularly and increase them as appropriate.

Property Lawsuit Management

The risk analysis helps us determine the exposure to property damage and recommend and adopt measures to minimize lawsuits.  Hence, we make it easy for residents to notify us about physical problems that develop within a unit, common areas, or building.  We respond to resident’s complaints promptly so they don’t become opportunities for lawsuits (especially notices of water leaks or other sources of water, which could lead to lawsuits about mold).  We require unit owners and their tenants to sign appropriate disclosures and other lease riders as required by state law. We train our staff regularly to help prevent harassment and discrimination suits and keep proper records of all repairs to the building and individual units. In all cases, we follow the law – e.g., issuing timely notices, fair collection practices, fair housing, handling of security deposits.

Natural Emergency Preparedness Plan

The unexpected will occur so we try to be prepared to address it when it does.  We have a central emergency call center to be able to get help where it is needed quickly.  We have a checklist for things to do during natural emergency situations which we provide to all our residents.  We prepare an emergency preparedness plan for each community we manage, which we review and update regularly, train the staff on it, implement it when and if the time comes.  In the case of large-scale communities, we stage an emergency mock event – as a practice run, to see where the weaknesses are and hold live drills.  In the case of single units in a condominium community or high-rise, we make sure to review the Association’s plan and provide a copy to our tenants.

Customized Services

Need a service not listed.  Give us a call and let us know how we can be of service.  As a boutique real estate service providers, we can meet your unique service needs.


  • Manage effectively, to ensure that owners get the services they are paying for.
  • Manage efficiently, to ensure that the investment property operates within budget.
  • Manage tenant’s expectations proactively, for the good of the tenants.
  • Manage our operations to stay on the cutting edge of new real estate technical advancements and evolving applications.


Our property management service is one of our many strengths.

For more information call us at (305) 814-9980.

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