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Real Estate Agents You Can Trust

Buying your home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life.

IK BEN’S South Florida Team is composed of professional, competent real estate agents you can trust.

First Time Buyers & Investors – Focus on Condo/HOA:

We cover Nine important Steps to Buying in a Condo/HOA.  

Topics include:

Managing Multifamily Properties

We cover Best Practice and Procedures in managing residential properties.

Topics include:

Investing in Dominican Republic

We cover Best Practices and Procedures in buying a home or investment property in the Dominican Republic.

Topics include:


You may already know the IK BEN story. It’s one of the greatest stories ever told dating back to the beginning of civilization as we know it.  The story tells us how IK BEN found the perfect home for hundreds of thousands of families in a land filled and rich with milk and honey and is therefore why HE is the greatest Realtor of all times. IK BEN is the Dutch translation of HIS name.  If you have heard the story you may know HIM by the English version of HIS name, I AM (Exodus 3:14).  As fellow Realtors and members of HIS team, we serve HIM with pride and joy.

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